QV provides discretionary investment management services to high net worth individuals with minimum combined investable assets of $500,000. QV will manage personal funds, corporate accounts, formal and informal trust accounts, and registered retirement accounts.

Pooled Fund Management (>$500,000)

QV manages and employs six Pooled Funds to build a portfolio reflective of the client's long-term objectives. Typically, we employ our Canadian Balanced Fund as the core fund and complement it with one or more of our specialty funds.

Segregated Portfolio Management (>$5,000,000)*

QV manages segregated portfolios for clients with a minimum segregated amount of $5,000,000. The pooled funds serve as the investment models for our segregated accounts. Typically, we offer segregated management for clients with special needs with respect to tax, liquidity, or income.

*The minimum account size is for private client, balanced segregated mandates. Account minimums for other mandates may differ.

Account Opening Process

QV Investors manages an individual’s portfolio on a discretionary basis, guided by their investment objectives

The account opening process begins with defining an individual’s investment requirements, and follows with an investment strategy recommendation.

An Account Application and Know your Client Form is prepared which outlines our services to the client and records the client’s personal information. A client questionnaire is contained within the Form to help define the client’s return objectives and tolerance for risk. The investment guidelines and policies are then prepared within the document.

To comply with regulatory requirements, we list below the type of information we may request, depending on the type of account:

  • A copy of government-issued photo identification
  • A void cheque providing banking information
  • Net worth and annual income information
  • Stated purpose of investment
  • Source of funds for investing (employment income, sale of property, inheritance)
  • Beneficiary information
  • Authorised related parties
  • Articles of Incorporation and Corporate Resolution (for corporate accounts)
  • Trust documentation

Funds for investment management can be accepted via a cheque drawn on the client’s bank account, and made payable to the custodian for the QV Pooled Funds, RBC Investor and Treasury Services. If the account is opened by a transfer from another financial institution, QV Investors will prepare the appropriate forms and letters to facilitate the transfer.

Reporting and Meetings

We value pooled funds daily and provide weekly commentary through our QV Update. We also prepare a Quarterly Portfolio Review Report for clients. The Portfolio Review Report includes the following:

  • Consolidated Asset Mix analysis and performance
  • Historical and current portfolio performance
  • Portfolio Holdings
  • Transaction Summary
  • Market and Investment Strategy Commentaries

The Quarterly Review Reports are available in paper copy or electronically via the QV Investors secured client log-in site.

Tax slips are prepared annually by the custodian.

We meet annually to review a client’s portfolio and investment requirements and account for our management.

For more information about private client services, please contact Jason Reed.