QV's disciplined approach to investing, coupled with clear and timely reporting has allowed us to meet our institutional client needs since inception. Our clients include corporate pension plans, insurance, non-profit organizations, foundations & endowments, and educational institutions.


Our institutional services include in-house investment management for segregated and pooled fund accounts. We offer management for individual asset class mandates, including Canadian small cap equity*, Canadian large cap equity**, Global equity and Canadian fixed income, as well as a Balanced Fund management approach comprised of various asset class mandates.

Learn more about our philosophy, investment approach and our risk management for institutional investing.

* The small cap mandate is operating under a ‘soft close’ and is therefore available only under pooled fund management to compliment an overall balanced strategy or all-cap equity strategy.

** As of July 01, 2015 the Canadian Large Cap mandate is operating under a 'soft close'.


We value pooled funds daily and provide weekly commentary through our QV Weekly Update. Institutional clients receive comprehensive performance and attribution reports as well as compliance certification on a quarterly or as required basis.

For more information about our institutional services, please contact Joe Jugovic.