Pooled Fund Assets $106.8 million (as of Mar 31-20)
Benchmark FTSE Canada Univ. Bond Index
Inception Date July 01, 2011

The Canadian Bond Fund invests exclusively in Canadian government bonds, Canadian corporate debentures, Canadian treasury bills, and corporate notes.

The Fund was launched in July, 2011. The objective of the Fund is to provide investors with interest income and moderate capital appreciation over a long term investment horizon.

The Canadian Bond Fund invests in Canadian fixed income securities that are considered investment grade through our own analysis, and through the analysis of recognized credit rating agencies.

The QV Canadian Bond Fund differs from the QV Canadian Income Fund in that it will not hold preferred shares or equities. The Bond Fund may also invest in longer term bonds and hold a larger exposure to corporate bonds and non-rated bonds.

We benchmark the performance of the Fund against the FTSE Canada Universe Bond Index.

Risks in the QV Canadian Bond Fund may arise from increasing interest rates or rising default risk.