Pooled Fund Assets $174.0 million (as of Mar 31-20)
Strategy Assets $597.5 million (as of Mar 31-20)
Inception Date January 01, 2007

Launched January, 2007, the Global Equity Fund invests in companies listed outside of Canada and on the world's senior markets. It seeks to outperform the MSCI World Index, expressed in Canadian dollars and to do so with lower volatility.

The Global Equity Fund selects companies using QV's fundamental tests of management commitment, financial and operational records, balance sheet quality, valuation, dividend record, and quantitative contribution to the portfolio. The process assesses the risks and returns of selections relative to the benchmark.

As with other QV equity portfolios, we construct the Global Equity Fund to exhibit measurably better value, growth, dividend, and credit characteristics than the benchmark. The companies will tend to have larger capitalizations, typically greater than $5 billion. The portfolio will have broad equity, industry and regional diversification.

The primary focus is corporate analysis and fundamental valuation with a secondary assessment of a country's competitive position, currency, and economic growth prospects.

The risks associated with investing in securities of foreign countries may include erratic market conditions, economic and political instability, and fluctuations in currency exchange rates.