Pooled Fund Assets $518.2 million (as of Mar 31-20)
Strategy Assets $3,482.7 million, incl. Mid-Cap Strategy Assets (as of Mar 31-20)
Benchmark S&P/TSX Composite Index
Inception Date January 01, 2007

QV has managed Canadian large cap equities since its founding in 1996. In January, 2007, we launched the QV Canadian Equity Fund. The Fund invests in larger companies, typically with market capitalizations over $1 billion and listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

The return objective is to exceed the average annual return on equity of Canadian companies, a rate of 10% over the past two decades, and to exceed the return on the S&P/TSX Composite Index and do so with lower volatility.

The Canadian Equity Fund selects companies using QV's fundamental tests of management commitment, financial and operational records, balance sheet quality, valuation, dividend record, and overall quantitative contribution to the portfolio.

As with other QV equity portfolios, we construct the Canadian Equity Fund to exhibit measurably better value, growth, dividend, and credit characteristics than the benchmark while maintaining broad industry diversification.

The risks in the Canadian Equity Fund include equity market volatility and the fundamental risks of corporate investment.