Pooled Fund Assets $134.6 million (as of Dec 31-19)
Strategy Assets $1,301.1 million (as of Dec 31-19)
Benchmark Blended Composite
Inception Date January 01, 1997

The Canadian Balanced Fund seeks to provide long-term capital appreciation and income growth through a balanced investment in Canadian equities, bonds and preferred shares.

The return objective is to equal or exceed the average annual return on equity of Canadian companies, a rate of 10% over the past two decades, and with lower volatility than the benchmark.

The asset mix methodology is to weight by yield the asset class having the greatest surety. Equities are selected through a systematic process to reduce valuation, growth, credit, liquidity, and industry risks. Bonds are selected for their high quality and ability to offset the volatility found in equities.

The risks in the Canadian Balanced Fund may include both short term equity market volatility and longer term purchasing power risk to fixed income securities.