Pooled Fund Assets $46.1 million (as of Mar 31-20)
Benchmark FTSE Short Term Bond Index
Inception Date October 01, 2002

The Canadian Income Fund invests predominantly in high quality Canadian bonds. Bonds may be complemented by debentures, preferred and common shares.

We launched the QV Canadian Income Pooled Fund in 2002. The objective of the Fund is to provide investors steady income, earned in Canadian dollars, with low risk to principal.

The Canadian Income Fund selects from among Canadian high or investment grade bonds and debentures as rated by Moody's or Standard & Poor's. We select from the universe of federal, provincial, municipal, and corporate debentures, both straight and convertible. We consider corporate preferred and common shares to a limited extent.

In order to abate volatility, the bonds in the Canadian Income Fund mature within 5 years.  We benchmark the Fund against the FTSE Short Term Bond Index.

Risks in the QV Canadian Income Fund may arise from increasing short term interest rates.