QV assists third-party wealth management firms catering to High Net Worth individuals and families. Through these relationships, independent advisors are provided access to QV's pooled funds for inclusion in their clients' portfolios.

Contingent on how family offices are licensed, firms are invited to partner with QV in one of two ways, directly or indirectly.

Direct relationships are managed on a discretionary basis, where QV determines the asset mix based on the clients' investment objectives and constraints.

Indirect relationships allow family offices flexibility and control over the asset mix decision through purchase of QV pooled funds on the FundSERV platform.

Reporting & Servicing

QV's primary relationship is with the advisory firm. QV's reporting to the advisory firm includes daily pooled fund valuations and weekly commentary through our QV Weekly Update. Family Offices also receive comprehensive performance reports and conference call updates on a quarterly basis.

Partnering with QV

We invite you to contact Jason Reed, to learn more about the various arrangements that will provide access to the QV's pooled fund management.