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Ground Control to Major Tom

May 24, 2019

US unemployment is the lowest it’s been in five decades, consumer credit is at its strongest levels since the early 2000’s and the S&P 500 has recently been flirting with all-time highs. Yet, economy sensitive stocks like autos, homebuilders and banks remain significantly below their 2018 peaks.

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Energy Markets and M&A

May 10, 2019

One topic that hasn’t gotten much news coverage is the relatively steady increase in crude oil prices since the beginning of the year.

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On Diversity

May 03, 2019

Until as late as the 1970s, the top five orchestras in the U.S. had fewer than 5% women. Then, things started to change - by the 1980s, female representation within these top orchestras had doubled to 10%.

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