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Same Information, But Different Decisions

February 21, 2020

The Canadian retail space has been home to many companies that have failed in the face of fierce competition. Examples include Target’s arrival to Canada and subsequent departure less than two years later, and Hudson’s Bay’s recent decision to shutter its Home Outfitters locations.

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Portfolio Insurance

February 07, 2020

People purchase insurance to protect against the financial loss of a contingent event. Every insurance policy has an identifiable risk and premium, or cost, associated with it. For example, a working parent purchases a $1 million 10-year term life insurance policy in order to support her surviving spouse and children in the event of her death.

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Share Buybacks: Financial Sleight of Hand or Legitimate Capital Allocation Tool?

January 31, 2020

As the longest-running bull market in history approaches the 11-year mark, share buyback activity among S&P 500 index constituents remains near all-time highs.

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