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Every Friday, QV distributes a market commentary written by a member of our investment committee covering different investment themes or events that may affect our clients’ portfolios. Please click Here to sign up to receive our weekly commentaries.

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The Past Isn’t What It Used to Be

March 22, 2019

At a recent client meeting, a question was posed: “Does book value remain a useful metric for evaluating QV Global Equity Strategy holding Berkshire Hathaway?” It’s a good question that reveals a broader theme.

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Not All Headwinds are Bad

March 15, 2019

Following a tough year for global equities in 2018, rebounding stock markets seem to be shrugging off prior concerns. Strong year to date equity returns in Canada have been in-line or better than international benchmarks, despite negative sentiment related to investing in Canada and the energy complex.

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Rewards = Results

March 08, 2019

They say what gets measured gets done. In the case of executive compensation, the saying may aptly be modified to what gets rewarded gets done.

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