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Every Friday, QV distributes a market commentary written by a member of our investment committee covering different investment themes or events that may affect our clients’ portfolios. Please click Here to sign up to receive our weekly commentaries.

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A Bellowing Bear (Market)

March 27, 2020

Global markets have entered bear market territory - a sentence that can be written for the first time in over a decade as the longest bull market in history has come to a screeching halt.

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Uncharted Waters

March 20, 2020

Governments around the world are taking unprecedented action to limit the human and economic toll of COVID-19. We know that our clients are well informed about the pandemic.

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One for the Record Books

March 13, 2020

Today is Friday the 13th. A day so commonly associated with fear and dread that it inspired the creation of one of the most successful and long running horror film franchises in the US. Over the last few weeks, between the market volatility and the virus, ending the week on “Friday the 13th” feels like an appropriate end to a very tumultuous five trading days.

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