QV has established six pooled funds with varying investment objectives in order to cater to our clients’ needs. QV Funds serve as the models for our bond, balanced and equity strategy mandates.

In pooled fund management, one or more of the QV pooled funds may be used to meet a client’s investment objectives. A few of the many benefits to pooled fund investing include greater diversification regardless of account size, lower non-investment management fees, and ease of administration which are possible due to economies of scale realized by the Funds.

The Funds are valued daily, providing flexibility for our clients’ purchase and redemption needs. RBC Investor and Treasury Services provides custody, record keeping and valuation services for the QV Funds. In this capacity, RBC issues quarterly account statements and issues tax slips directly to clients. On a quarterly basis, interest and dividends are distributed to pooled fund unit holders in the form of new units reinvested into the Fund(s). Likewise, capital gains are distributed on an annual basis.

The QV Pooled Funds are audited annually by KPMG LLP Canada.

The QV Pooled Funds are structured as private pooled fund trusts. They are exempt from prospectus requirements and thus may only be sold to accredited Canadian investors and other exempt purchasers. The Funds may be reviewed through an information document, which may serve as an informational learning tool.  Please contact Jason Reed to request a copy.

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